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Maryland… Home Sweet Home

After leaving the ATL, we headed to the Carolinas. Once in South Carolina we set up camp at the KOA and got our campin’ outrageous on. Shortly after falling asleep we were greeted by a huge rain storm (see video). In the Morning we got up and headed north to good ole Maryland. Before we left the great state of south Carolina we sample some Bojangales. Nothing like some greasy southern fast food to get your heart pumpin’, or slowly kill you :-/.

After 6 hours in the car and passing through that sorry excuse of a state known as Virginia, we arrived in my great state. Upon arriving we were greeted by my Ma who had prepared us an Italian feast of tortolini pie and chicken cutlets. SOOOOOO GOOD. It felts so good to be home and have some amazing Italian food. On the second day we set out on our quest for some Maryland Crab.

The whole time we have been in the car, max has been talking about this famous “seasoning” that is used and how it is “only found in Baltimore”. Well, after 3 days of talking about this famous seasoning we found out it was just ole bay… Yep. Not that big deal to us marylanders, but I understand his excitement. Stuff is amazing! I put it on everything.

So on to Annapolis! We went out to Annapolis with some of my friends from home and things got alil rowdie. The polish bear ( you know who you are) tried throwing me into the harbor. Not fun! But needless to say the crab was amazing! It’s not crab season so the lil guys we got were barely legal but VERY delicious! After stuffing our faces with crab and a few spirits we headed back to my parents house where we packed and got ready for the next day in Phili!

Thanks to all my friends and family back home for coming out to hang out with us! I love and miss you all!!



Alright so Day 2 we hit up Atlanta and went to the Varsity for our first stop. We went more or less because it is a staple of Atalanta culture I suppose. The food is what it is. I think it’s mediocre and pretty greasy. We all got the meal that came with a chili cheese dog and a chili cheeseburger. Max and I go t the onion rings because they are actually pretty good there. They make em in house, not the frozen kind, and are pretty crispy, however everything there is extremely greasy. And you also get yelled at by everyone there. “WHAT’LL YOU HAVE?!” -Chris

After the Varsity we went to check out this place called “The Little Five Points.” The area itself is a little bit ghetto but the main shopping area is very artsy and full of unique shops and thrift stores.  Even the graffiti art in the area was unlike anything I have ever seen. Luca bought a vintage Brutus “O” Ohio State shirt at a thrift store and we visited “The Junk Man’s Daughter” which was named as one of the best 25 independent stores to shop at. Think Spencer’s or Hot Topic at the mall, but bigger…much bigger. The famous restaurant “The Vortex” is also down in that area. My favorite store was a place called “Bang-On Tees” that sold custom t-shirts. The great thing about this place was that they didn’t have any actual inventory as you make your own shirt by going through binder after binder of thousands of different designs and have the staff press it onto any shirt/jacket/whatever you want. While this type of area usually is not my scene, I found myself secretly enjoying the experience. It was something different and that is what this trip is all about. -Max

At this point the men of the van split up and went their separate ways for the evening. The Brothers Sung went down and met up with our good friends Patrick and Alex and they decided to take us to a great Korean barbecue restaurant called Honey Pig. The specialty there is “Sam Gyup Sal” which is a fantastically fatty cut of pork. Think thick slices of uncured/unsmoked bacon that is like pork belly. We also had the staple Korean barbecue Galbi, which might have been the best Galbi I have ever had.  When you sit down at your table, they bring out a large circular grill, something resembling a roulette wheel. Our waiter put Kimchee and spicy bean sprouts on the grill and then brought us a nice assortment of side dishes. Crispy, fatty, tender slices of pork dipped in sea salt, pepper, and sesame oil then washed down with a shot of Soju…it was heavenly. After everything has been grilled and eaten, they bring out rice and an assortment of vegetables and side dishes and make fried rice on the grill in front of you. The rice was coated with all the rendered fat and cooked bits from the meat and it made the fried rice unlike anything I have ever tasted. The more I have reminisced about that meal the more I have concluded that that was the best Korean food I have ever had and perhaps one of the best meals I have ever eaten. There are few things in life better than a great meal with old friends. -Max

Max: “Chris did you fart?” Chris: “No! Did you?” Luca: “Naw, Guys, we just entered New Jersey”. Chris: ” Oh God It Smells!!” Max: “Oh, Jersey… You dirty girl ;-)”. Chris: ” It smells like CRAP!!! PUSH THE BUTTON!!! OMG WHAT THE HELL… facebook is being updated right now!!” - This all went down upon crossing into Jersey in the Man Van.
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